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Shadia Mansour ft. M-1 - The Kufiya is Arab
Shadia ft. Offendum - We Have to Change
Ramallah Underground - From the Cave
Sabreena Da Witch - Where No One's There
Boikutt - Letter from Boikutt
Boikutt - Ignite
Stormtrap - Misunderstanding
Stormtrap - What Happened Yesterday

DAM - I'm Not a Traitor
DAM ft. Shadia Mansour - They Have Tanks

DAM ft. Shadia Mansour - I Want Peace
DAM ft. Juliano's Students - Juliano's Way
DAM - Stranger in My Country (ASL&T)
DAM - I Have No Freedom (ASL&T)
DAM - Who's a Terrorist? (ASL&T)
DAM - Born Here (ASL&T)

Malikah - ya imra2a ("Woman")
Rayess Bek - Merchant of a Dream
Rayess Bek - I'm Speaking in Silence
Rayess Bek - Herbes Folles
El Rass - The Volcano of Beirut

Touffar - Min Al Awal

MC Roco - Stomping on Qardaha
Anonymous - Communiqué #1
Anonymous - Communiqué #2
Omar Offendum - Destiny
Omar Offendum - The Arab Speaks of Rivers


Emad Ghavidel - The Battle For Homs
Salome MC - Drunk Shah, Drunk Elder

In the Pipeline
Offendum, Malikah, Narcycist - Freedom
El General & RTM - Allahu Akbar
Lak3y - For My People
Armada Bizerta - C'est la vérité
Shadia Mansour - Ro7a Bla Raj3a
We7 ft. Sabreena Da Witch - The Sound of Silence
Arabian Knightz - Hand in Hand
G-Girl Soma - Message to Girls
G-Girl Soma - Libya